We offer financial products and services that are tailor made to specific needs of the client. Our point of differentiation lies in the unique service delivery. Among our many services, we offer the following financial services to help your business grow;

Facilitating listing of equity and fixed income instruments on the MSE

As a Sponsoring Broker or Transaction Advisor, we will facilitate listing of fixed income and equity on the Malawi Stock Exchange.

Listing will enable your Company to access cheaper capital.

Facilitating REPO transactions

We facilitate Repurchase transactions on fixed securities.

Treasury Bill trading and discounting

We offer liquidity through discounting your investments pending maturity of the imbedded security.

We also offer facilities on the back of your investment.

Equity Brokerage

At Continental Capital, we facilitate buying and selling of listed shares on the Malawi Stock Exchange on behalf of our clients.

Margin trade & bridging finance

We offer facilities to enable our clients to grow their equity portfolio. The client’s existing shares are pledged as collateral for the facility .

We also advance up to 50% of the value of your shares pending sell of the shares thereby unlocking liquidity from your shares

Commercial Papers and Bonds

We facilitate structuring of Commercial Papers and Bonds for our clients to raise cheaper capital.