CDH Investment Bank

CDHIB was incorporated in 2009 and commenced operations on 2nd April 2012 following the successful conversion from Continental Discount House Limited (CDH) which had operated in the financial sector for 14 years since August 1998. CDH Investment Bank is licensed as a Bank under the Financial Services Act, 2010. Its business is to provide the following services:

Commercial banking services:

  1. Current call and savings accounts.
  2. Term and investment accounts.
  3. Foreign currency accounts
  4. International trade and remittances.
  5. Overdrafts, short and medium-term financing.
  6. Asset finance
  7. Value chain financing.

Investment banking services

  1. Capital raising (debt and equity)
  2. Financial restructuring.
  3. Company valuation
  4. Stock exchange listing, de-listing and capital market advisory.
  5. Management and leveraged buyout.
  6. Mergers, demergers, acquisitions and divestitures.
  7. Assets backed securities.
  8. Financial market advisory services.

Treasury services

  1. Trading of financial instruments.
  2. Foreign exchange services.
  3. Spot and forward foreign exchange transactions.
  4. Fixed income and foreign exchange market specialist advice.
  5. Trading corporate securities.


Dynamic and fast-growing technology-driven financial services group with a commitment to excellence and innovation.